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If you can see past the glass, say hello

Past Stuff

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Stuff I've written about in the past on-site; views of my past, some still

Reality is what we make of it and so is virtual reality; here is my display of me virtually as I am in reality.  Confused yet?  I'm sorry if I did, but if I didn't then that always helps.


Instinct drives a human being to be able to accomplish extreme tasks such as a mother lifting a car off of her daughter.  We all have this strength, mine I use for work outs and prefer that using instinct beyond constructive means is never necessary. 


Past that is the mind, a myriad of what makes me me.  Do you know what you want?  When will you know what you "truely" want and do your wants change?  Reluctantly the truth in this case is I know what I want and  haven't found that one, who knows there may be more than one but all I want is one. 


Wish I may Wish I might Wish that I find her one night. 


Is she a reflection of myself?  Never, she is who she is and can change only on her accord. 


Is she a refraction of myself?  In many ways she is a distortion, refraction, of who I am because only when two share common thoughts can common ground be found. 


Skiing over the slopes, riding horses, swimming, discoving, held together in the warming darkness of night all night, traversing the world abound in curiosity.


twisting turning contorting distorting rocking rolling rhyming rhythm singing moving together in synchronicity disjunctly together dancing twirling with one another until dawn until the end of more than a song more than a life more than a life's times or lifetimes combined. 


Who is she? if you find her let me know, in dark or light to be lost is to be unfound and to be found is to be unlost.  alone a single tree branches out but only two trees together intertwine.




Who am I? 

Someone who preferrs to live life rather than sit around waiting for the grass to grow and for the world to be safe to travel in ... which never will happen.

Being a college student sucks sometimes, but reality in this virtual reality is that fortunately I had the skills (or stupity) to start a career early on only to find out how little this job fits me.  The pluses being that the career move can be fixed in time and yields opportunities for the future.


Outside of the stupid statistical bull that will tell you all about what a person isn't.  I'm relaxed more than laid back, can become quite enthralled but usually tend to keep my cool over making a scene. 

Not much for a arguement but definitely listen to the other side of the story and give my opinion; just don't care to change the opinion of the person next to me (so unAmerican of me isn't it). 

Enjoy physical activities of the gym, the pool and pool hall, and just generally getting out of the home for a while.  Tend to spend excessive time taking showers and baths sometimes, kinda comes with my joy of warm water (beware of me and hot tubs because I will sleep in those).  Not Mr. Clean but certainly not dirty like my neighbor who has flies around his home, "mmmmm thats nasty". 

Read when I have time, learning French but lack innate talent, and college keeps me hopping if work isn't.  "One time at band camp" I didn't go; just made all-state orchestra instead so they'd exempt me.  Musician at heart and music is a passion of me, even if I don't get obcessed with music I always listen to everything from Toby Keith to Eminem to Mahler 5 to Maroon 5. 

If you read all of that then you are amazingly patient or amazingly kind to listen.


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