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Pro-Choice (if you must know then ask)

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About being over her and having both the life I have above the waist, as well as, between the legs in my own hands ...

Single again means wow I gotta be a plus one at all the parties again, which isn't a bad thing necessarily but it definitely can make the tab interesting.  Freedom has it's minuses and pluses, one of which is I never noticed that the number of drunks at parties often tends to mirror the number of "lets get laid tonight" people; not always though.  Good for one night stands, but at what point is it better to actually just attempt dating again?  Some one night stands are a lot better than the dating scene, and I don't mean just for sex. 
More than the nightlife the daylife is amusing, reality shows are insanely boring 99% of the time and most often there is nothing on TV except reality shows.  Does anyone seriously find these "TV relationships" that fascinating?  It seems the same as the TV marriages they did, which is beyond false to virtually blatant disrespect to something that already means so little in modern times.  To each there own, but how shallow do you have to be to have the gall to date on TV seriously or even pretend to be interested in some of the trumped up characters.  Is life really that boring to most people? 
Shopping definitely gets interesting, I'll admit I have a bad fashion sense and I blame that on a lack of homosexuality on my part, so who does a single guy turn to other than friends and sales ladies.  Some of the best shock faces I've seen come from women working sales when I ask them do you like these pants or do you think this goes together well.  Are most shoppers really that impartial to the thoughts of someone who works in that area.  Granted I'll admit to having picked up a few numbers this way ... or at least trying to.  Never hurts to try.  Worst thing that can happen is you made someones day a little more amusing. 
Now you would think that driving whether single or not is the same no matter what, however, I firmly believe I drive much more agressively now.  I don't blame rap either; even though my musical tastes have shifted toward metal and eminem.  Appearances would say I'm just trying to save time in this "looking stage", however, the truth is I drive for fun now more than to get from point A to point B.  Got the money to pay for the speeding ticket, so might as well have fun.
If you are like me then you read the last part first, since everything before it is just random thoughts placed into incoherent paragraphs.  Varying of course on proximity to the nearest open drink.  Single is being single though, not a sex in the city experience, but definitely lacking in certain anatomy.  Should a guy settle for a shallow woman who just does everything she is told?  Naaa, I'll go for the one that'll beat me up from time to time, and will tell me in bed if she wants more .... brutal honesty is a lot nicer than silent obediance.

In closing there is no closing so get off the damn sofa, I know I am now; time for a drink.