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If you can see past the glass, say hello

Old Headliners

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Headline from February

Darkness comes as certain as daylight comes, time will always move and will always everchange.  As will you and I.  What lay ahead?  Only more sunshine and moonshine.  With who?  Do I look like I'm that damn arrogant? 
Oh and note to all, if I don't make sense it's not because of eccentricity, but rather sleepy drunken state or a overworked future minded wild man; note I did not say sex deprived but thats not saying I'd turn down a offer ... unless I'm taken of course; your risk to venture it's "yes or no" or a 50/50 gamble.  
Not lonely a lot, we all have our moments, but it'd be nice to not have to be in the "looking" stage.  I'll admit I like to go to strip clubs but are there many intelligent, kind, well intentioned, beautiful, somewhat athletic, will tolerate me type women out there that work in a place like that?   No such luck anywhere ... yet.  Always got hope, and thats not the woman, gotta be out there somewhere; you think she is American?
P.S. - Adult entertainment seems more like teenage entertainment except legal.  Judge for yourself but they look very alike.

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