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Sudan Mess (political)

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How much of a mess will Iraq cause the U.S. and what about Sudan? 

The actions in the Darfur region of Sudan represent a crime against humanity.  Sudanese official Salah Gosh makes statements that slap the United States in the face, however, neglect to answer the United States question of action to be done to correct a problem.  If the Sudanese believe they have the right to judge the US by the actions done in Iraq then the US should simply ask the question of does the Sudan government want to be next to be acted on in the War on Terrorism.  Should Sadam’s actions be seen as so violent then how is the Sudan’s actions merit any less a response than that of our war in Iraq.  The complete removal of all the Sudan government should ensue to ensure that there are no more atrocities by the Sudanese government. 


Hilal’s status as a essential war lord in Sudan is equally unacceptable since the placement of one tribal leader over all others with government funding is essentially racial favoritism.  Also Hilal is number one on the list of those wanted for acts of terrorism in the Sudan Darfur region.


Justifications for this first are that the government of Sudan are directly funding the Janjaweed, which have been accused if nothing else of waging a ethnically cleansing war on the African Americans.   Furthermore there is a list of personnel that the US believe are participants in the Sudanese reign of terror, and the Sudanese government has not produced results to bring these individuals to justice or to at least start a public trial on these individuals.  Also the ploy to pass off the injustices done to the Darfur people further gives more right for every nation on earth to send in troops to destroy the Janjaweed and eliminate the present Sudan government as a ethnically cleansing Arab terrorist regime. 


Even worse than the atrocities in the Darfur region is the effect of the Bush Administration on the world opinion of the United States.  Consider the effects of a Administration that has made the world so polarized against the US that the UN can now ignore the atrocities in Darfur thanks to the US actions in Iraq.  What about the future planning of the Bush Administration in leaving the US open to not only criticism but also leaving the US in a position that would allow for ethnic cleansing on this level occur?  If the global opinion of the US continues to fall at the present rate what will be left of the rest of the world when nations find they can harass not only the US with impunity but also the UN?  Who will police the world when the US can not convince the UN world police, aka “peacekeepers”, are not to be found?  The Clinton Administration has some fault for Darfur as much as the Bush Administration but the Clinton Administration did not go to war in Iraq nor make policies that were not possible to enforce.  How conceivable is a War on Terrorism with the present US military force?  Can that be done unilaterally without UN support?  




by Robert Smith