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Political U.S. President

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Elections Important to Citizen

            Government administrations form the basic control levers of each individual branch (i.e. Bush Administration oversees Executive Branch).  Equally since each of the administrations holds the check and balance on the other there exists a need for each to have impartiality.  Naturally in the US government system that isn’t always the case, notably at times conservatives have rein and vice versa, and in those times there always remains an ever-present threat of tipping the scale, which the people of the US have a responsibility to monitor. 

            Election(s) uphold the people’s beliefs, or at least that is the intention of a democracy, and through elections the officials are given the responsibility to administrate a government that stands for the platform elected into office.   Often the error tends to be on the first word of the term that gets misinterpreted.  Never in history has there just been one man that is the King of the US government, to have such would be impossible to be properly informed, and make all decisions in essence out of ignorance.  However, due to the administration being the beast which levels the decisions there is a innate need for the people electing the head official, who in turn appoints an huge number of officials, to trust this public face to appoint appropriate individuals to these elevated statuses. 

            Though the President may not appoint all these people based on his / her personal opinions there certainly can be an impact.  Note that each of these appointees pull down a salary paid for by the citizen of the US who voted the administration into office.  Thus there is even greater need to know PRIOR to election who the administration intends to nominate to office, which is why the Vice President is always made public ASAP. 

            In the last presidential election there was much confusion over the appropriateness of the platforms of both nominees.  Indeed both sounded and even looked very similar; hence the sayings “choose the lesser of two evils”.  Though these men are only human there is a ultimate requirement for honesty in any leadership position, and the most difficult part of this super human honesty is the release of all personal information to back up that honesty.   There are no secrets when a citizen intends to be a contender for the highest-ranking position in the most powerful country in the world.  We the people can settle for no less than every fact, and if Rock Stars can sacrifice their personal life for that fame then the most powerful citizen in the world must be willing to place on the alter his personal life.  THERE IS A COST FOR FAME. 

            Every military value applies: duty, selfless service, honor, respect, All of these apply to any applicant for President due to the nature of the military might at our leaders disposal.  Commander and Chief wield all the power of a 6 star general, and have equally the appropriate number of advisors to justify such.  Only this single leader can make the decision to insert the military into combat with no legislative approval, and can equally activate the nuclear forces held within the US.  To be President there is a quid pro quo that this ultimate responsibility will not be abused, but rather respected.  Our President has the power to protect and ultimately provide the greatest possible future to the citizens of the United States. 


NOTE: Trying to change no one's personal opinions or beliefs.  Not saying my views are the 100% correct for anyone except me.  Got a opinion state it in any way you choose; is the citizen's responsibility to question the government.

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