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If you can see past the glass, say hello

Love is what

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Meaningful thoughts

            What is love?  No feeling evokes the passion the lust the desire and the drive of this single fury.  All for the one I love I give myself totally changing directions in life from one side of a nation to another.  How can such frivolous devotion mean so much?  Simply because I believe, I truly believe that in love there is a power a warmth a purity of heart a purity of truth found no where else.  Falling in love means just this because everything else falls out of synchronicity while in love.  Two hearts together combine for a fury no hurricane can match with the ability to create a havocking passion that sweeps two lives into multiple duplicity.  Separate there is little meaning to all but once fused together the meaningless gain a meaning transcending all meanings.  In each other’s eyes and arms a safety more powerful than any other in the universe up rises for all moments.  Memory never forgets and neither do each other, for in true love there is mutual love forming a bond greater than any star in the heavens is capable of attempting. 

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