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If you can see past the glass, say hello

About her

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To know is too much and to not know is ignorance

yet ignorance is bliss

for without experience there is nothing in life except blandness

and towards the knowledge should one stumble

none rise to catch the fall

as now the fallen truely fall

for she let go and the swing collapsed

how how how

such a loss to let go

falling falling falling

down onto the dirt into the ground

through the Earth

past the sky into the darkness above

only to fall into oneself

upon awakening life is revealed

without another a life is halved

doom doom doom

not at all as hope there is

somewhere somehow someday

there she will be the future

my darling

my friend

my companion

my future

my kindness

my tree

my passion

my everything

my love

someday somewhere somehow

I will find you I will I will



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